Farah-Abad Multifunctional Space نمازخانه و سالن چند منظوره مجتمع اقامتی دانشگاه تهران

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Client: University of Tehran
Beach-side City of Farah-Abad – Mazandaran – IranObjectivesNegarestan Architects were assigned to design a building in the existing University of Tehran’s accommodation complex located at the city of Farah-Abad. The first priority in functionality of the structure is to perform the ritual of prayers. However it’s supposed to provide a spatial flexibility in where some various predefined actions and events could take palace. The challenge was to juxtapose such contrary purposes in a coherent entity. These needs consist of events such as performing a play, music, speech, or other religious ceremonies.ConceptMain concept in term of formality, is derived from the “ascent” notion found in religious beliefs. Designers attempted to form this idea by defining sixteen stripes in a polar array extended tangent in site ground and gradually raised them up to a central point. This gathering from different directions also represent the fact of unifying people with different ideas in a social occasion. Similar to a flying bird shape, the end cut of stripes figures, also emphasize on the “ascent” concept. In addition use of free form reinforced concrete is harmonious with University of Tehran iconic entrance morphology.MultifunctionSpatial Flexibility mentioned before is achieved by means of adjustable curtains and partitions and various spatial resolution through levels. Main hall is divided into three level to provide convenient vision to stage, as it was not possible to increase segments due to restricting regulation of performing religious rites. This hall is surrounded by service zone containing all needed spaces for sanitary, backstage rooms for art performers, media control and VIP lounge for special guests.Climate ConsiderationsDue to the mild and humid climate, open planning is used for air and vapor ventilation. There is a short cantilever roof goes around the building to provide convenient pedestrian path walk for common rainy days. This design benefit from numerous climate advantages of the dome and high ceiling in this weather condition, for example unpleasant warm humid air rise up and ventilate out from the top of the dome. Also it’s a sloping roof and suitable for directing the flow of rain water.Octagonal Shamse (Eight Pointed Star)The eight-pointed star which is made of two overlapping squares in a circle, is the basis of many Islamic patterns and it is widely used as a symbol in Islamic art. However it is this is not originally a symbol of Islam per se. But Muslims from the outset, found on the importance of symbolism and aesthetics of the designs, And through its compliance and conformance with their basic concepts, they converted it to one of the main elements of Islamic decorative symbols. In this project the symbol is applied to form the structural frame which supports free form concrete stripes mentioned before. The structure not only provides stability and resistance to lateral forces but also gives an aesthetic appeal to the entity..

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معرفی طرح

این بنا که در مجموعه اقامتی دانشگاه تهران در فرح آباد ساری ساخته می شود، در درجه اول جهت برگزاری فریضه نماز جماعت می باشد.

بعلاوه در نظر است تا از این بنا جهت برگزاری مراسم مختلف در مناسبت های گوناگون مانند سخنرانی، نمایش فیلم، اسلاید و غیره تا حتی برگزاری نمایش های زنده مانند تئاتر و برنامه های مختلف آموزشی فرهنگی به صورت سالن چند منظوره استاده شود.

کانسپت عروج و مفاهیم طرح

در این طرح سعی شده تا مفهوم عروج نمازگزاران به صورت نمادین به کمک هشت صفحه که در امتداد زمین کشیده شده و به تدریج به سمت آسمان اوج می گیرد ، نشان داده شود. به علاوه برش نهایی صفحات به صورتی است که یاد آور فرم پرنده است که به بیان این مفهوم کمک می کند. از آنجا که نماد دانشگاه تهران سردر ورودی آن از صفحات بتنی خم شده استفاده شده است. اینجا نیز همان صفحات به عنوان فرمی که در برگیرنده شمسه ایرانی که یکی از نماد های معروف معماری ایرانی اسلامی می باشد بکار رفته است. در ضمن این برش بی شباهت به حالت دستان نمازگزار نیست.



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