About Arc Negarestan Co.

Negarestan architecture consulting group was established in 1996. The company focuses on design consultation, supervision, implementation and partnership of construction projects. 

Negarestan group designs with regards to preserving architectural identity of the region and considerations for the conditions and requirements of the projects. This company consists of a professional and creative body of executives, engineers and designers which by sharing ideas from experienced personnel in conjunction with young minds has sought to improve its quality and efforts.
The Founder and CEO of the company Dr. Farzin Negarestan is an academic member of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Tehran. He received his Masters Degree in Architectural Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran and a PhD. In Architecture and Urban Design from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He has been a student of Professor Jon Lang, a world renowned professor in architecture.
Negarestan associates constantly endeavours to find suitable solutions with available sources for the clients requirements and by creating a lasting masterpiece it strives to be worthy of their trust.